Aesthetic surgery

Tiia Tamme M.D., Ph.D.

Modell260715 The shape, size and position of a normal ear is often a common genetic (59%) distribution. This is a very rewarding procedure for the patient-children with protruding ears are often teased by their peers. Adults may not be openly taunted by others, but the fear and humiliation experienced in childhood will never disappear. Surgical correction offers an effective solution. A child's ear has almost achieved its final size by the age of five or six.

Ear correction:
the aim of surgical correction is to stop them from sticking out and to give them a more normal shape through the rearrangement of the flexible cartilage structure. The skin is lifted and partially removed from the cartilage during surgery. The skin will be placed back and stiched up carefully after the position and shape of the cartilage have been corrected. The ear will be supported with a protective cotton pad and the head will covered with special bandage.

Length: 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.

Anesthetic: for children, under general anesthesia. Adults, may choose between local anesthesia or local with sedation.

Side effects: pain and brusing after otoplasty is typically minimal.

Risks: the possibility of complications is small, since the ear inner structure is not touched, hearing is not affected. The corrected ears do not have the same shape when people look directly at your face or your profile. However, it has to be said that perfectly symmetrical ears are rare, so you should not even expect to have them.

Recovery: total rest the first post-operative day, ice therapy. You will have wear the bandage for seven days, after wear a tennis type headband two or three weeks. Back to work 7 to 10 days. After 1 month normal activities.

Duration of results: permanent

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